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The tomb of Amen-Hotep III's vizier Amen-Hotep Huy (AT nº -28-)
An online Zoom Lecture

Charles Wilkinson, CC0, via Wikimedia CommonsDate: Saturday 14th October 2023 at 2.00 pm  
By Dr Francisco Jose Martin Valentin
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The tomb itself consists of a corridor, a large open air courtyard and a chapel, which occupy about a thousand square meters of surface. The tomb is the largest of the Theban necropolis among those belonging to the XVIII dynasty of the New Kingdom. The chapel had thirty columns of closed papyriform style.  Inside were discovered very important inscriptions that prove the existence of the long coregency between Amen-Hotep III and his son Amen-Hotep IV / Akhenaten. Dr. Martin-Valentin and members of his team at the Institute of Ancient Egyptian Studies Foundation in Madrid have spent 14 years of intense work excavating and restoring the Vizier's tomb never before excavated by anyone.


Dr. Martin-ValentinDr. Francisco José Martín-Valentín, Professor, Department of Ancient History Of The University Of Malaga, Egyptologist.  Dr. Martin-Valentin, among other functions, is the Modir/Leader of the Spanish team working on the Assasif at the West Bank of Luxor.  In particular, he has directed the work to preserve the tomb of Amen-Hotep Huy, Vizier of South Amen-Hotep III (AT no. -28-. Catalogue of Frederika Kampp). In the Chapel of this Tomb there are inscriptions that demonstrate the long co-regency of Amen-Hotep III with his son Amen-Hotep IV (Akhenaten).

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