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The textiles from the Theban Tomb 298 at Deir el-MedinaThe textiles from the Theban Tomb 298 at Deir el-Medina: First Survey and First Observations
An online Zoom Lecture

Date: Saturday 6th January 2024 at 2.00 pm
By Amandine Merat
Cost: Free for Members and £4 Visitors
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During the period 18th - 26th January 2022, the textiles found in the Theban Tomb of Baki (TT298, reign of Sety I) at Deir el-Medina were studied. The objectives of this first study season were to get an overview and a better understanding of the material discovered in the tomb, its condition, amount and nature, and to make a start with the analyses of a few samples, as part of the preparation of the overall study to take place in the following seasons. Despite a limited time on-site, great discoveries and observations were already made during this first survey, the results of which will be presented here.


Amandine MeratAmandine Merat is an Archaeologist and Researcher in Egyptology, with a specialisation in ancient and archaeological textiles. She worked as a curator at the Louvre Museum, the Bode Museum (Berlin) and the British Museum. Now an independent scholar, she works as a textile specialist on varied projects and archaeological sites in Egypt. In January 2022, she joined the IFAO Deir el-Medina team to undertake the study of the textiles found in TT298 (Tomb of Baki).