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TVAES Donation Fund Award Guidelines and Application Form  - 2023


The Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society (TVAES) has established a Donation Fund to support excavation, survey, epigraphy, conservation and research work into the culture and history of Ancient Egypt. The total value of the Donation Fund to be divided across all successful applicants for projects typically operating between September 1st 2023 and December 31st 2024 is £ 3222.55.

Application Process

1. Applications must be submitted electronically to TVAES at by the closing date of 21st August 2023. No late applications will be considered.

2. The decision-making process will rely solely on this application; no interviews will be held.

3. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application as soon as possible.  All applications must be submitted by the Project Director.

4. Applications must be in English

Criteria for Success

Preference will be given to the applications that best demonstrate the following characteristics:

1. A requirement of urgency for the stated project (examples may include rescue archaeology due to encroachment of development or urgent conservation due to ongoing or imminent deterioration).

2. Tightly defined goals for the planned project.

3. Opportunities for involvement, feedback, or presentation to the TVAES membership.

4. Precise definition of the additional value to the project enabled through TVAES funding.

Notes and Conditions

1. Applicants will be accepted from any nationality. There is no explicit requirement for a UK connection.

2. The award/awards will only be given for a specific project/projects falling within the scope of the TVAES Donation Policy, which states that “all donations must be made to public or private organisations engaged in field work, research, epigraphy or conservation in the UK, Egypt, Sudan or elsewhere in connection with the culture and history of ancient Egypt”.

3. The award is not intended as a supplement to student grants for regular undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

4.  The award range is expected to be approximately £100 to £600 per project.  All funds are payable in UK Pounds Sterling, transfer fees to non UK bank accounts may be deducted from the award. 

5. Successful bidders for awards will be invited to present the results of their part-funded work at a TVAES meeting at a suitable later date, or prepare a short newsletter article, or to contribute in some other way deemed appropriate to TVAES member feedback on the project results.

6. Save in exceptional circumstances, and then only with the consent of the TVAES Donation Sub-Committee, an award which is not taken up by December 31st 2024 shall lapse.   We will be sensitive to circumstances if work planned, for example in Sudan, is unavoidably delayed.


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