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  Saturday 8th July 2.00pm Coronation Hall University of Memphis excavations in the tomb of Panehsy at Thebes
by Dr Suzanne Onstine

Abstract & Biography
Suzanne Onstine, Associate Professor of History, University of Memphis in Memphis at TVAES
  Saturday 9th September 2017 2.00 pm Coronation Hall Nebhetepre Mentuhotep: The Great Reunifier
by Sarah Griffiths

Abstract & Biography
Sarah Griffiths TVAES
  Saturday 14th October 2017
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Egyptian Decrees, Biographies, Accounts and Formulae in the Age of the Pyramids .
Dr Nigel Strudwick

Abstract & Biography
Nighe Sturdwick TVAES
  Saturday 11th November 2017 2.00 pm Oakwood Centre Egypt's origins - the view from Mesopotamia and Iran
By Dr Paul Collins

Abstract & Biography
Dr Paul Collins TVAES
  Saturday 9th Dec 2017 2.00 pm Coronation Hall Recent discoveries of the French mission in Deir el-Medina. Highlights from the past seasons
By  Dr Cedric Gobeil

Abstract & Biography
Dt Cedric Gobeil  TVAES
  Saturday 13th January 2018
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Kushite Kings on the Upper Nile
By Dr Julie Anderson

Abstract & Biography
Dr Julie Anderson TVAES
  Saturday 10th February 2018
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Religious Ritual at Abydos: revisiting the Temple of Seti I at Abydos
By Prof. Rosalie David

Abstract & Biography
Prof  Rosalie David TVAES
  Saturday 10th March 2018
2.00 pm
Coronation Hall The Mysteries of Nefertiti
By Dr Aidan Dodson

Abstract & Biography
Dr Aiden Dodson TVAES
  Saturday 14th April 2018
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Hypnos and Thanatos in Egypt? the Meaning of Beds in Ancient Egypt
By Manon Schutz

Abstract & Biography
Manon Schultz TVAES
  Saturday 12th May 2018
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Élite and Common: Old Kingdom and Ptolemaic Cemeteries to the West of the Step Pyramid Complex at Saqqara
By Dr Iwona J. Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin

Abstract & Biography
Dr Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin
  Saturday 2nd June 2018
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre The Ancient Egyptians and their Astronomy – an introduction
By Dr Pauline Norris

Abstract & Biography
Dr Pauline Norris


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