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  Saturday September 10th 2016 2.00 pm Oakwood Centre Reconstructing the Early Second Millennium BCE Using Scarab Amulets.
By Stephanie Boonstra

Abstract & Biography
Stephanie Boonstra
  Saturday 15th October 2016
AGM at 1.00pm
Lecture at 2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Being Imperial : Egypt and the Levant at home and abroad in the New Kingdom
By Dr Linda Hulin

Abstract & Biography
Linda Hulin
  Saturday 12th November 2016 2.00 pm Oakwood Centre Ipuwer and perfect misery: Why did the Egyptians like pessimism?
By  Dr Roland Enmarch

Abstract & Biography
Dr Roland Enmarch
  Saturday 10th December 2016 2.00 pm Coronation Hall Decoding Egyptian Art
By Professor Alan Lloyd

Abstract & Biography
Professor Allan LLoyd
  Saturday 7th January 2017
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Recent Excavations on Sai Island: Pyramids, Pounders, and Nimiti
By Dr Ken Griffin

Abstract & Biography
Dr. Kenneth Griffin
  Saturday 18th February 2017
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre The Philip Wickens' memorial lecture
Saqqara's abandoned Tombs beside the Unis Pyramid Causeway: The burials of a Master-Butcher and a Hairdresser of the Palace
By Dr Yvonne Harper

Abstract & Biography
  Saturday 25th March 2017
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre The Mummy Pits of Ancient Egypt
By Tessa Baber

Abstract & Biography
Tess Baber
  Saturday 22nd April 2017
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Egyptian Coffins: Exploring the carpenter's craft
By Dr Geoffrey Killen

Abstract & Biography
  Saturday 13th May 2017
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Magical and Divinatory Texts
By Dr Luigi Prada

Abstract & Biography
Dr Luigi Prada
  Saturday Jun 3rd 2017
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Revealing the Splendours of Ancient Egypt: David Roberts – Artist Extraordinary
By Clive Barham Carter

Abstract & Biography
Clive Barham Carter
  Saturday 7th July 2.00pm Coronation Hall University of Memphis excavations in the tomb of Panehsy at Thebes
by Dr Suzanne Onstine, Associate Professor

Abstract & Biography
Suzanne Onstine, Associate Professor of History, University of Memphis in Memphis at TVAES


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