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Lecture: The Reception of Ancient Egypt in Victorian Britain: Museums, Exhibitions, Art and Design

Saturday February 8th 2020 2.00 pm
By Professor Stephanie Moser
Venue: Oakwood Centre


Professor Stephanie Moser

This talk will look at the representation of ancient Egypt in thriving tradition of Victorian history painting. Stephanie will present the results of a major project on the engagement that with British artists had with the subject of ancient Egypt, demonstrating how their work offered important new perceptions of this culture. Of particular importance is the way in which the artists responded to the collections of domestic antiquities that were exhibited in galleries at the British Museum.


Stephanie Moser is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Southampton. Specialising in the reception of the past, she has a particular interest in the visual representation of ancient Egypt in nineteenth century Britain and the role of museums in constructing knowledge about ancient cultures. She is author of Ancestral Images (1998, Cornell University Press); Wondrous Curiosities. Ancient Egypt at the British Museum (2006, Chicago University Press); Designing Antiquity: Owen Jones, ancient Egypt and the Crystal Palace (2012, Yale University Press) and Painting Antiquity: ancient Egypt in the art of Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Edward Poynter and Edwin Long (2019, Oxford University Press).

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