The Mysteries of Nefertiti





Saturday 10 March 2018
2.00 pm
Venue Coronation Hall



Public Lecture:
By Dr Aidan Dodson

Although Nefertiti's name is one of the most recognized of all ancient Egyptian queens, only a handful of 'facts' about her are generally agreed. This afternoon we will explore what is known, possibly known and wildly guessed about her career, including the implications of the latest discoveries regarding her career.

Dr Aidan Dodson is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Anthropology & Archaeology at the University of Bristol, a former Simpson Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. and a past Chairman of the Egypt Exploration Society. He is the author of twenty books, including two on the Amarna Period - Amarna Sunrise and Amarna Sunset (American University in Cairo Press, 2014 and 2009: a revised version of the latter


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