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New light on the coffins of Nespawershefyt

New light on the coffins of Nespawershefyt


Saturday 13 October 2018
2.00 pm
Venue Oakwood Centre

Public Lecture:
By Dr Helen Strudwick



Dr Helen StrudwickAs part of the Fitzwilliam Museum's Egyptian Coffins project, the elaborate coffin set of Nespawershefyt has been the subject of intense study over the last few years. This talk will reveal some new findings from that research, as well as exploring the interaction between such coffins and light during burial rituals.


.Helen Strudwick has worked at the Fitzwilliam Museum since 2001, where she is now Associate Curator (Egyptian Antiquities), leading a project team to investigate the museum's collection of Egyptian coffins. In 2016, she and her colleague Julie Dawson (Head of Conservation) curated an exhibition exploring the development of coffins from the Old Kingdom through to the Roman Period, entitled Death on the Nile: Uncovering the afterlife of ancient Egypt.

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