University of Memphis excavations in the tomb of Panehsy at Thebes




Saturday 8 July 2017
2.00 pm
Venue Corontion Hall



Public Lecture:
By Suzanne Onstine, Associate Professor of History

Suzanne Onstein University of MemphisSince 2008, the UM has held the research concession for TT16, the tomb of Panehsy in the Dra abu el-Naga section of the Theban necropolis. Through epigraphic and archaeological work in the tomb, we are learning a great deal about the lives and deaths of Thebans from the 19th dynasty to the Hellenistic era

Dr Suzanne Onstine, Associate Professor of History, University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee.  Director of the University of Memphis mission to TT16 (Panehsy). PhD in Egyptology from the University of Toronto. I have worked on several projects in the Theban area including epigraphy and excavations in the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, and the Tausert mortuary temple before starting work in TT16


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